Embracing Culture to Improve Health


With widening health inequalities in the UK, and chronic disease on the rise, it’s time to think of new ways to improve our health. Kashiana is a team of healthcare workers, creatives and patient experts working together to enrich the lives of our families and communities with better health.


Our mission is to improve health by understanding communities, embracing diversity and thinking outside the box, to produce solutions that educate, influence, and integrate into current health and social care systems.

We do this by producing in person and multimedia health education campaigns to reflect our passion for our multilingual, multicultural society.

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Ramadan 30

A multilingual digital project to improve health and wellbeing during Ramadan in Type 2 Diabetics.

The Space

Kashiana Health is converting an inner city industrial space into a studio to help local artists deliver work to improve health outcomes for the local community and beyond.

The Team

UK based, with a global spirit.

Dr Aisha Malik

Dr Aisha Malik is a GP (primary care physician) with training in International Health, and creator of Kashiana. With a background as a professional dancer and an eclectic portfolio of work including film and media, she has led multiple projects in both healthcare and the arts sector. She is currently also a Year 3 NHS England Clinical Entrepreneur, and a Clinical Lead at MHCC for ‘Winning Hearts and Minds’ an ambitious programme of work dedicated to reducing health inequalities and improving population health in Manchester.

Valdir Da Silva

Valdir is a Brazilian martial artist and community worker with a track record of experience delivering physical activity and music programmes of work to improve social inclusion in inner city Santos, Sao Paolo, Brazil and the UK over the last three decades. He is trained in Physical Education, having received his degree from the FEFIS University, Santos. His inspiring work and personal story are captured in this short film by award winning filmmaker Tristan O Field (also part of our team!!). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rkGBDveKzZM He continues to teach and perform across the UK, Europe and Brazil. Now a resident Mancunian, he is passionate about bringing people together through Capoeira and other global artforms, and making the world a better place for his three children.

Julie Davey

Julie is an NHS Occupational Therapist specialising in mental health in the homeless in Manchester for over two decades. An experienced frontline healthcare professional, with a deep knowledge of existing services in the city, she understands the importance of connecting socially excluded populations to communities in a way that is sustainable and meaningful.

Adriana Rosso

Adriana is a Brazilian performing artist and trainee chiropractor. She has vast experience in working on large community projects and Carnivals including choreographies for all levels and ages. A truly international artist, Adriana regularly teaches and performs all over the world, her most recent research and teaching trips include: The Gambia, Tokyo, Trinidad and Tobago, Singapore, Thailand and New Zealand.

Tristan O Field

Tristan is an award winning filmmaker and an Amazon Video Star. With an interest in biography and patient story telling, we are delighted to have him on the visiting team and look forward to future collaborations. Showreel: https://www.movidiam.com/portfolio/43095/tristan-ofield-edit-reel

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